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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 25, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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this san francisco state . this is kpix 5 news. a star athlete turned murder susz pekt. this san francisco state basketball stand out now faces murder charges in the death of a rapper in georgia. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. teen player, talented, arrested for murder, phrases used to describe bay area athlete. police arrested him in connection with a bizarre plot, and kpix 5's alyssa haring ton tells us even the mob may be involved in this one. >> reports coming out of atlanta that the mobster allegedly hired hit men to kill the rapper because he told police about a stolen car. police arrested a group of men
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they believe were involved in the plot, including a bay area star athlete. >> the star basketball player from san francisco state is behind bars facing a murder charge. wliet white, the team's high scorer who just wrapped up his senior season and made headlines for this birz-beating half-court shot back in february. white was arrested in his hometown of pacifica on april 24th. >> he was arrested on a warrant for his arrest out of the state of georgia for the crime of murder. >> san mateo county district attorney steve wagstaff says white was extra dieded to fulton county, georgia mae 13th. he was wanted in connection to the shooting death of a rapper last summer whose real name is melvin vernell, iii. >> i find that hard to believe, actually. he's a good kid. >> neighbor joe has known white since he was a kid and says if
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convicted, it would be devastating to the community that's been cheering him on all these years. >> terrible because i know he has a young family and a wife and so hopefully i wish him all the best. >> white grew up in pacifica, was the second-leading scorer after high school in san mateo where he graduated in 2006. he went to texas tech on a full scholarship to play for legendary coach bob biknight and roomed with michael crabtree, future 49er. he transfer today santa clara, then took three seasons off and decided to give it one final shot at san francisco state after becoming a father. he spoke with kpix back in february about that decision. >> for me to want to tell him to finish school but, you know, for me have not to even finished up my playing career or school or anything like that, you know, that's a big thing just looking at him. >> a hard-working student and athlete who could be looking at hard times. >> what we learn with at leets, sometimes as they get -- you know, when you treat somebody like they're special and unlike
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others, they think -- sometimes they think they're above the law, and the answer is it doesn't matter whether you're prince or pauper, you know what, if you commit a crime, we're going to put you in jail like anybody else. >> i tried speaking to white's family, but nobody was home, and my phone calls have not been returned. the 25-year-old is due in court may 31st. live in san francisco, kpix 5. >> all right. thank you. some questions tonight about cell phone video that shows a police officer repeatedly hitting a man with a baton. the man later died. >> and in this video posted on you tube earlier, you can see the man on the ground with the sacramento officer holding him down. another officer is hitting him. some witness say they didn't believe the force was necessary. police say it will take some time to determine exactly what led up to this. >> at this time the process obviously the da's office comes out or internal affairs, the detectives, and there's a full review of the incident and --
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and -- they'll be reviewing everything that transpired out here. >> police are also hoping witnesses will come forward. a judge has sentenced a southern california woman who kidnapped her dprand daughter from continue cost county and then tried to pass her off as her own. 60-year-old erica galle fwshgso will spend 8 years in prison for nabbing the four month old in 2011 from a bas net inside her son's home. police say prior to that, she threw a fake baby shower. gallego's attorney says she suffered from mental illness. a bay area teen known for her musical talents and academic ambition was remembered tonight. 19 years after her still-unsolved murder. 14-year-old jenny lin was killed in may of 1994. this evening, family and friends held an anniversary ceremony and a walk through town. lin's father tills kpix 5 the
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memorial services and music programs held in jenny's name help him cope with the loss of his daughter. >> we can't get without thinking jenny every morning; however, the only way we can come along so far is trying to keep ourselves busy and do things in a more positive way to try to give back to the community. >> the jenny lin foundation provided more than 3500 students with music lessons and camps over the years. police are looking for a group of thieves who snatched thousands of dollars worth of upscale jeans from store shelves all over the bay area. kpix 5 kristin ayers on where those hot pants might soon end up. >> a high end grab and go at a luxury den anymore store. >> they were very sophisticated. they knew exactly what to do. >> four men, six wirjs $5,000 worth of expensive jeans stolen
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from this true religion store in livermore. >> it's really happening all over the bay area in all your high end, you know, outlet sthors, retail stores are having the, you know, grab and runs. >> police think the same thieves who robbed the livermore store are connected to a string of thefts from gil roy to millipedes to this store in walnut creek. >> angels fantasy. >> last year a band of thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of victoria's secretling ray from stores in palo alto. our undercover investigation a short time later found tons of victoria's secret braus and underwear for sale at the flea market in oakland, one with the inventory tag still attached. >> uh-oh, this one's got the tag on it still. >> you can't sell that. >> police believe some of the goods will be sold online. we discovered batches of true religion jeans for sell on craig's list, brand new the ads posted, tags still on. police say they're on to the
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thooef sfls investigators do have leads. >> in walnut creek, kp ix 5. >> police in livermore think the suspects took off in two get away cars, a 1980s red toyota corolla and a silver ford taurus. charges will not be filed against the woman accused of tainting those bottles of orange juice at a starbucks in san jose. firefighters initially said that put lethal doses of rubbing alcohol in two bottles of juice last month, but tests show the juice didn't contain poison after all, instead vinegar. meanwhile some thieves at a burger king in stockton didn't get very far before police showed up. that's because while they pull add gun on the cashier, another employee slipped out the back door, jumped in their get away car, which was left running, and drove it around a corner. the suspects came out of the store, didn't see their car, so thigh tried to run away.
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but officers found them and arrested them. all the money was recovered. a highway brush fire that scorched three acres nearly threatened homes in heshg lees today. it broke out near highway 4 and i-80 and crept dangerously close to homes. some neighbors used garden hoses to fight the flames. firefighters stopped the fire from spreading to the homes but some backyard fences and deks were chard. we're learning more about the damage from last night's earthquake in northern california. the magnitude 5.7 quake caused houses to sway, knocking items off the shelves and off of the walls. at least 600 people lost power. 300 others were under a boil advisory after a water tank ruptured. and after shocks continue even at this house. there have been 31 since midnight, including a 4.6 quake that's the same area. no injuries have been reported. authorities say there's no quick fix after yesterday's
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bridge collapse in washington state, part of the main artery between seattle and canada fell into the skagit river and as theresa garcia reports, the collapse is raising some questions about ageing infrastructure. >> surveillance video captured the impact when a truck hit an overhead girder on the skagit river bridge thursday. a 160-foot section of interstate 5 and two vehicles plunged into the water below. >> all the air bags went off and the car start -- started to rush with water. that was when i kind of thought i wasn't going to make it. >> bryce kenning managed to get out through the passenger door and waited on the roof of his car for rescue boats. now, officials are scrambling to find alternate routes. >> you cannot overstate the importance of this corridor to washington state to our economics. >> according to the latest national report on bridges, more
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than 66,000 across the united states are considered deficient requiring regular inspection. nearly 85,000 are functionally obsolete, meaning they do not meet current stien standards. that includes the skagit river bridge. >> if it had been built today, it would have been built to different design standards. >> authorities say the bridge is actually in good shape for its age. >> a lot of bridges with a lot lower rating in our system and on i-5 itself that are actually higher priority to replace. >> the federal government promised washington state $1 million in emergency funding. the governor says it will cost 15 million to repair the bridge. theresa garcia, kpix 5. >> the bridge that collapsed last night has the same federal rating as the western span of the bay bridge, but just because a bridge is considered structurally outdated and obsolete does not necessarily mean it's in danger of collapse. now, according to the american
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society of engineers, 17% of california's 25,000 highway and toll bridges are out dated. caltran says it is always monitoring those roadways and bridges. now, work can be hard to come by, but once you land that job, it's important to know your rights. >> what you're legally entitled to as an employee in the state of california. a new charge popping up on cell phone bills. why some call it a sneaky way for companies to get more cash. and cashing in on the shuttle endeavour. the added foot traffic one california museum is expecting this summer. all systems a go for launch for the holiday weekend. high-def doppler is completely dry but won't stay that way. find out when rain may impact your weekend, and we look live outside on the waterfront i
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may be times when we may wao say -- take this job and she it - irst. . well, a lot of us work very hard for a living and while
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there may be times when we may want to say take this job and shove it, you better know your rights first. >> welcome to the daly grind. nearly 17 million californians wake up every day, fo to work and try to hold a job. >> this place is so expensive. >> paying my bills. >> do things that i like to do. >> before you clock in, understand one thing. you've got some rights. >> it's vitally meet attorney denise. she's an expert in employee laws. >> there are a lot of rights employees have unique to california. >> so for starters, does your boss really need a reason to fire you. >> technically, no. in california, no. we're at at-will employees so that means that your employer can terminate you at any time for any reason. >> oh, yeah. >> i thought that there was supposed to be a reason.
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>> nope. unless you've got a contract or the action violates public policy. >> obviously your employer can't terminate you because of your age, because of your reyes, because of ethnicity. those are protected cat fwoirs. >> now, if you are let go, at that time you will receive your final paycheck as well as a form signed with a date so you can get unemployment. and speaking of cold, hard cash, unless authorized by law and you give written consent, your boss cannot deduct money from your paycheck to pay for stuff like a uniform or even pay back money that you might owe the company. >> they're not touching your wages. >> here in the bay area while the overall job market is improving, there still are some problems with paychecks. >> a lot of recent college fwraj wats are so happy to get a job that they're not being paid correctly. >> so if you're new to the work force, you'll get paid by the hour, at least minimum wage with
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overtime. you'll also get a lunch break and at least two rest breaks. >> if you think your employer isn't paying you properly, you can file a wage claim. >> speaking of bosses. >> i had three, and they were great. >> thumb's up. >> but what if your boss is a real bully. >> that you're a slave. i've had bosses like that. >> you want to quit immediately. >> unless your boss's behavior is illegal, there's really no law fwens a bully boss. >> there's no law that requires you to be nice. >> yeah. understand your rights. if your boss creates a hostile work environment fwens you or member of a protected klass of people, gender, age, sexual orientation, reyes race or ethnicity then he's the one in trouble, not you. a new charge is popping up on all at&t wireless bills. it's a 61% mobility administrative fee. it appears at the bottom of the
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bill. consumer groups say those charges are sneaky because thaven go unnoticed and allow carriers to advertise lower fees than they actually charge. are noded to cover things like maintenance and cell phone rental. of course, all the bosses we have here kpix 5 upstanding great guys. we love them, love coming to work every day and tomorrow i didn't think mention it tonight. >> hope that key card works on monday, right. >> national love your boss weekend. >> it is. >> a lot of people didn't know that. >> as declare bid ken batista. all right. >> how does meat loaf work into this forecast? hang out for a minute. here's peek outside right now. you're singing that song. two out of three ain't bad. all right. here we go. live look outside. bay bridge. you're probably wondering how does he work meat loaf. you're going to seechlt mainly clear skies outside.
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now, let's go down to capitola. go walk on the beach. do it tomorrow. mostly sunny, 70 degrees, morning fog afternoon sunshine on sunday with a high of 68 degrees. perhaps you're heading up to tahoe. bring a jacket. 62 frees with sunshine tomorrow. saturday night town to about 30 and breezy and chilly on sunday with sunshine and a high of 60 degrees. overnight tonight around the bay area start off your saturday with a low of 50. san francisco 52. fremont you'll start off tomorrow morning at 49 frees. so the first two days twoshgs of the hol day weekend will be try as low pressure moves out we get less to have influence coming down from canada. temperatures will be going up close tore normal still a few degrees shy of average but closer so milder with some sunshine saturday and sunday. now on monday one low pressure moves out, the next one moves in. this one is going to be closer to us. that's going to give us a chance of showers coming up on memorial day. have not done that in a decade around here but do have a chance of rain coming upstarting monday afternoon lasting until tuesday
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morning. so two out of the three holiday days will be rain free. mildest day of the weengd is going to be saturday. tomorrow low cloud cover on sunday morning then showers and cooler and mainly cloudy coming up on monday. tomorrow's high, sunny vail 71, mountain view 70, morgan hill 75. all about the sunshine for pleasant hill. san ramon and mrez santon beautiful mid 70s. low 70s for sonoma, petaluma and alameda tomorrow 66 degrees. couple degrees cooler. still dry. monday that's the day where we have some showers in the afternoon for memorial day lingering to tuesday morning. sunshine is back second half of,
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satellite launched into spa tonight from cape canaveral. the unmanned rocket is the 5-thf go up. . a new military communication satellite launched into cape canaveral. the young man rocket fifth of its kind to go up. it will take several months for the sat liets to settle into the proper orbit. and the california science sent ser cashing in thanks to
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the space shuttle endeavour. >> yeah. the retired shuttle is on permanent display there. it moved through the streets of la to get their last october you remember we covered that. the museum had 180,000 visitors last july and now that endeavour is there, officials are expecting 230,000 people this july. souvenir sales are way up to 10,000 t-shirts were sold in the 50 days after the exhibit opened. there you go. fly into space and all of a sudden you're famous. >> who knows what happened. >> yeah. >> it's friday night. >> yeah. it's a strange friday night ahead. usual giants and a's business top fly plays back and great plays, it's a friday night post. sxfrjts as of now, the count down to labor day is still on. we're watching you keeping you updated on,,
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. these boys, i tell you. ve rn. >> boys will be boys friday noith. that's how it goes. let's go. first tony bennett's actual name, anthony dominic hanging outs with giants president larry bear. when we saw this we knew something strange was happening. in trouble early and there goes that man. michael with two-run double the rockies are up two nothing. down three nothing now. geven this one moon shot of the
2:04 am
sixth. going to win seven innings, gave up four. giants no lead-off runners. strikes out to end it and the rockies win this one. giants now in second place in the nl west. 15,907 curious fans, minute maid park to see the a's and astros. two nothing lead but what happened here? tied at two. in the mift three-run shot. the stros are up 5 to 2. to the ninth, chris young on hand. two on to the ninth. go young! backs away and gone a three-run shot. a's come back and beat the astros final of 6 to 5. heat and pacers, that is swap by lebron one end tied at 91. big shot, pacers up by two.
2:05 am
king james chance to tie it and he throws it away. indiana sur viefs this one. 97-93. that's now tied at one game apiece. friday night top 5 and we begin with soft sound of white sox announcer ken the hawk harrelson. >> can't get him. >> oh, oh, oh! and another bum call by hernandez. just flip another coin, angel. >> all right. no. 4 with this strike out against uc la. broke the school record. nine for the night, car delivery ucla two to one. no. 3 baltimore's manny machado willie right over the shoulder number. orioles win it final of 10 to 6. no. 2 indiana's paul george says i told you to get out of my
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way. that over lebron james. that was nasty. yeah. no. 1, here's the finish. they go so close. peter by a slap car paint. 26,000ths of a second. that's the closest finish of the history of the indianapolis motor speedway. indy and do you know your... blood type? a or b positive?? have you eaten today? i had some lebanese food for lunch. i love the lebanese. i... i'm not sure. enough of the formalities... lets get started shall we? jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dracula volunteering at a blood drive. we have cookies... get happy. get geico.
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